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A Happy Thanksgiving

It has been such a busy past week! There wasn’t even 5 minutes to spare to write a post! I managed to get the house almost decorated for Christmas, but I still have a bit left to do. We had Family for the weekend for a late Thanksgiving celebration. There was much laughter and fun with all the kids around! It was especially fun to see baby Alice and coax smiles and laughs out of her. She is growing too fast! But we do love her dearly! She is so bright and attentive and curious. 🥰 And oh how she loves food!! 😂

Online Orders flowed in steadily all weekend and it took most of today to get them packaged. Put quite a dent in my ornament inventory! It’s all good though. Business is booming this season. 😊

Luke finally got his license this past week, so he is discovering the joy of freedom in being able to drive by himself! And I am enjoying his freedom as well! A little less running around to wrestling and music practices. Lol. Elizabeth is hot on his heels to get her license as well!

So that’s the week in a small nutshell! It wasn’t all that exciting, just extremely busy and lots of family time. Now to get into the full Christmas season in my shop!! Enjoy all the photos 💜

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