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A New Year

Another year is upon us. And I have to say, I'm feeling a little off these past few weeks. I took a long break from my studio and from social media. We did have a really wonderful Christmas spent with a lot of family and I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt mildly guilty about not posting anything for Christmas or New Year's, but the reality is, my life doesn't revolve around social media. Quite frankly, I hate it, but it helps my business and if I ever want to survive on this, I have to put forth the effort now and then. lol. I do miss chatting with people on Facebook business, so I'll probably go back to writing again. Facebook just drives me crazy because it's all just about business and paying money and the app is honestly a nightmare and not really user friendly in my opinion. Combined with the issue that I don't actually get any notifications on my phone for Facebook, it makes it that much more miserable.

Ok, rant over..... lol. I've spent weeks painting about 300 ornaments for Christmas, and I'm still painting because my inventory was down to about 10 and people are still buying them. I'm hoping to be better stocked for next year if I get a jump on restocking now. So my mornings are devoted to painting ornaments, and I'm undecided if I'm actually enjoying it. lol. Afternoons, however, I am working on watercolor paintings! I am working on a series of birds and flowers because those are my absolute favorite things in this world. I will be selling the originals, framed, and also making prints of them as well. I'm taking my time on these so I can really work in the details. It's so satisfying!

On another positive note, I finally got another phone/camera so I will be able to take videos and time-lapses! It was always such a pain with my phone because I get notifications all day long and phone calls from my kiddos. lol. So stay tuned for some new videos.

I do hope all of you are doing well, and I'm praying we all have a better year. Randy has been cancer free for a whole year now. He has tests coming up in the next couple of weeks. I always feel like we are some state of waiting for the next tumor, though. It's a strange burden to describe..... My kids are currently doing virtual school, but still able to do sports so I'm pretty heavily involved with school activities for the next month at least. It's a ton of driving around (We spent Saturday in Cazenovia!) but I do enjoy watching my kids compete. I don't know how much my Gift Shop will be open, but everything is available in my Etsy shop.

So Happy New Year to all of you and I look forward to all the new creations ahead!

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1 Comment

Feb 19, 2022

So glad to hear about your husband!!

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