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Almost Spring!

What a winter it has been! I can honestly say, I’m ready for it to be spring. I love winter and snow and the pure whiteness. I don’t love driving in it. And I’ve had to drive in way too many storms to attend wrestling tournaments! We are finally at the end of wrestling season. It pretty much sucks up our entire lives for all of winter. Not really my favorite past time, but Luke has so much of his life invested in it now! We were so proud of him this year! He won at Sectionals and super sectionals and went on to compete in the state championships in Albany where he placed 5th in the state!! What an accomplishment. I couldn’t be prouder of him. 💜🥰 My family was able to participate in several of the events as well, which made it even better. Luke will be going on to nationals at Virginia Beach next weekend, but sadly, that’s far beyond our income right now. (I’m also not sure if I want to endure the stress of it all!) We will watch from home hopefully!

Now I’m back to working steady in my studio again. Business is slow, but it gives me time to get a lot of painting done. I have really enjoyed getting back to my oil paints and also creating some new mandala stones. I love my work and I hope I’m always able to be painting and sharing it with others. 💜

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