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It's a Girl!

Yep! Grand-daughter #8 was born yesterday! It's exciting because she was unexpected and later in life, so there are tons of arms just waiting to hold and cuddle her! While we have only seen a few pictures, she is already so loved and so adorable. We are anxious to meet her! She is currently in the NICU, as she came quite a bit early and they are trying to get her sugar levels under control. She is in good hands, though. She is not technically my granddaughter, she is Randy's, but she is the blessing of a combined marriage. I inherited an amazing family. To me, they will always be my family. I don't really feel like a step-mom in the traditional sense. I am their dad's wife, sure. But they have become friends, like a sister and a brother. They are family. And it is crazy around here when they all come to visit. It sure makes me glad for this giant house of ours. Trying to fit 18 people in here is still a bit challenging. And hard for my quiet self to hold up to. lol. But I wouldn't trade them for anyone.

I remember when I had to first meet them all. It was so scary. Adam was sooooo intimidating. Being a psychologist, earning a masters and doctorate, he seemed leagues above me. Holding up to his inquisition around the bonfire was terrifying. haha. I was so afraid I wouldn't measure up to his standards. I knew he was watching out for his dad. I guess I must have passed the test, because here we are! Almost 7 years later, and now he just comes and lounges around on the couch and loves my cooking, just like it's home. 🤣 Tanya wasn't quite as intimidating. Probably because she was a woman, and we have walked in similar shoes with marriages and children. It was still hard, wondering if they were all going to like me. And all those grandchildren. Whew! inheriting 7 of them at once! The oldest took great pleasure in making sure to call me Grandma for awhile. Lol. I will always love that about Nick. I love that all of the grandkids fit right into the ages of my kids. They all overlap, which makes for some fun family get togethers. We have had such fun joking about my little Ruthie being big Nick's aunt. Now as my kids have hit teenage years, it gives my heart such joy to see their love of their big step-sister and brother. Especially the sisters. I love them all and they will always be my family. Can't wait to meet the new little one in our big, giant, crazy family. 💜

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