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Baby Snuggles

We had the wonderful joy of getting more grandbaby snuggles this weekend! We sure do all love her to death. She is such a sweetheart and already growing and changing. Baby Alice is already more alert and wiggly. So glad we have this chance to get to watch her grow, and so grateful that her mommy and daddy are willing to keep visiting regularly!

Everything else is going well. Randy is going to physical therapy twice a week for a bad shoulder. Just plain old age. Nothing more. Getting old stinks. lol He is close to having the back porch remodel done. I know I said that a week ago, but he still has a few more days to go. lol. We are really loving it so far! Can't wait to share pictures! His car is in the shop this week and it will cost $1,000 to get new brakes and get it out of the shop. I'm not really sure how that's gonna work out, other than to use our roof savings for that. I really hate robbing Peter to pay Paul. Money just isn't growing on trees around here these days!

If you haven't seen or heard, you should really check out my new design called Standing On the Rock Collection. They are amazing realistic miniature landscapes built on round rocks, all made out of polymer clay. I'm loving every minute of the detailing and researching. I've learned the names of so many mushrooms!! I've always been fascinated by them! So pop on over to my store and also check out my videos page to see each of them on video.

Hope you're all having a great week and don't forget about Mother's Day coming up! I happen to know a really cute little shop and website that's perfect for Mother's Day shopping! :)

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