Another Adventure

Our next adventure took us over to Skaneateles area. We found the Skaneateles Conservation Area and there are so many trails to hike! One of the trails we took was called Charley Major trail. This trail led us down an old railroad bed where there were remnants of buildings in an era gone by. It was kinda sad to see the old falling down buildings, but it was also fun to explore and think about what they once were. There was a large stream along the path that the businesses used for water power with their mills. What was most interesting was that the stream went completely under a massive concrete floor, seemingly out in the woods, but next to a train station. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see the old station and we were standing on the concrete. The stream was rushing underneath us! It was a major train hub and one of the busiest areas in the district. Pretty much everything was shut down by the 1980's and it has all just been left to fall apart. History has always fascinated me and saddened me as well. I love a trail like that, letting your imagination take reign. The other trails we took were more out in the woods. Very peaceful and quiet and we saw a small waterfall. We plan to go back to this area because there are miles and miles of trails. Pretty easy ones, which is what we need early in the season.

I also think I forgot to mention that Randy had another round of scans last Friday and they came back clear! We meet with the oncologist tomorrow just to make sure. Looks like we will have the whole summer to enjoy this year. Such good timing, since travel is finally opened up! We are definitely looking forward to a vacation this year, along with our little day trip adventures. :)

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