Tubbs Blue Coral

Tubbs Blue Coral

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This stunning Tubbs Blue Zoanthid is a perfect starter rock for a collection! It's colors are breathtaking and simple, and it's small. Pretty in it's natural colors, it's radiant under a blacklight. 


This rock comes from the shore of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario. I search for the smoothest, roundest stones I can find. The rock is then cleaned and painted black. Then I choose a zoanthid coral from hundreds of natural choices and try to recreate it's very essence in the form of a mandala. I then paint with blacklight neon paints, occasionally checking it under a blacklight to be sure it looks like its natural counterpart. Once finished, I seal it with an acrylic sealer to protect it from weather and chipping.


Please take note that while these are weather resistant, they are NOT safe for an aquarium. They are designed to decorate a shelf or a desk or any place of your choosing. An opportunity to take a little piece of your hobby with you! 


These blacklight, mandala, Zoanthid Coral Stones are protected by copyright under ©Christy Wilcox. 

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