The life of a cat?

Just as I feared, blogging has slid to the back burner as other dishes have taken up all my time. Sometimes I wish I was one of my cats, just laying around all day, watching birds or each other, and sleeping. Definitely excessive amounts of sleeping. lol

I have been soooooo busy this month, trying to learn about taking videos and how to edit them and share them with the world. It has been intimidating to say the least! I appreciate your patience as I stumble through this adventure. Added to that is 2 large sets of mandalas and all the mini canvas paintings I have been doing. My kids fill all my spare time with team wrestling at school. I feel like we travel all over the state for matches and tournaments! And even at the tournaments I am sitting there sketching and trying to get a little work done. It's bad, I know. lol. I'm pretty sure that's normal for a self-employed mom. We have to work 24/7, plus a little. Last night I was up till midnight researching YouTube channel set up, watching videos and options for making more money as an artist. (I'm seriously not cut out for this as a middle-aged Mom.) Oh, and I should mention, my brain didn't shut down until 2 a.m. because it was racing with ideas, that I foolishly feel like I can do all the next day. On 5 hours of sleep. Ha! Yeah, I need 8 to function with a smile. :)

Being a self-employed artist means having income coming in from all different sources because everything ebbs and flows. I'm always looking for more ways to earn money without taking more time. Even better, to use less time than I am already investing into this dream. After a day and night of listening to countless videos and marketing strategies, I've come to the conclusion I'm doing everything possible except videos and sponsorship from other companies. So here goes opening another door to a new room in my huge house of art. I created a new page on my website to upload free videos of time lapses and videos of art supply reviews. I will also be offering subscriptions to full length tutorials. (There's the added income! Please sign up!)

I'll try to be back again soon.... I need to get in the habit of writing here every night. I'm usually painting or drawing.... it's a bad habit. lol I'm off for a full day of teaching, and computer work (yuck!) and kids and one last wrestling match. Talk soon, and stay tuned for the new changes!

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