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Surgery date

Yesterday we were informed surgery will be January 29. Today we got a call saying the surgeon pushed some buttons, stepped on toes and moved someone else out of the operating room to get Randy in on January 11th. Lab work is Monday, January 4th with covid testing sometime later in the week. So, that’s all coming right up in less than 2 weeks! 😳😳

We have been enjoying Randy’s daughter and her family for the last couple days, with a couple more days to go. They have been very tolerant of our bed shuffling this year, as I turned the guest room into my gift shop. Lol. A new guest room is under construction, but I’m not sure it will be finished before surgery. It’s always nice to have the family visiting. 💜💜💜

I will need to get focused back on my art studio right soon. My art posts have dropped off to nothing. And I’ve barely been painting with all that’s going on. It’s hard to focus, honestly, and I don’t usually have that problem. Today I am working on some Valentine‘s mandalas and that will spill into some heart rocks. They always sell this time of year! I will also start sharing posts of custom Christmas orders now that the holiday is past. 😊

Back to work, just wanted to let everyone know about the surgery. 💜

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Good news! Thx for the update and as always looking forward to art pics!! Take good care my friend!


Thank you for letting us know


Wendy Watson
Wendy Watson
Dec 29, 2020

Thanks for the update.

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