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Squeals of Laughter

It has been a surprisingly good week. Spirits are pretty high around here in anticipation for Christmas this year. I picked up the girls after school yesterday and they went straight to inspect the Christmas tree for new gifts. They found stockings filled early, but carefully covered in tissue paper so as not to give away carefully packaged treasures. Immediately, they were breaking the rules and trying to feel the gifts beneath and figure out what they were. 🤦🏼‍♀️ After prying them away, they went for big sister's stocking and figured out one of the gifts right away. Shrieks of laughter ensued as I pushed them out of the living room and towards the kitchen to start baking more cookies. Their laughter is contagious. 🥰 More laughing and jokes followed as we mixed cookies. Later in the evening, as I was working in the kitchen, the girls were in the studio wrapping presents. From across the house I could hear their squeals of laughter as they joked around together. They also thought it would be hysterical to keep calling for Mom across the house, for every. little. thing. Eventually "Mom didn't live here anymore" and that started another whole round of laughing. It was a great evening. One I hated to see come to an end. Much needed during this difficult time.💜 It made me smile today as I kept thinking back to the sounds of laughter, even though the house is quiet with just myself in here. We do have much to be thankful for. 💜Daisy is even in the spirit of Christmas this year as she posed under the tree for me. 🎄💚❤️

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These are special time's. I love hearing them laughing and carrying on. It brings Joy to this dad's heart. If you're having difficulty finding Joy this season, just ask our heavenly Father who gives it in abundance.

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