So Gross!!

What is that?!?! That, is odorless paint thinner in my handy cleaning jar for my oil paint brushes. What you probably don’t know is that the paint from the brushes settles to the bottom overnight. There is usually a screen in there to scrub the brushes on, that sits above the sediment.

This is a great top view of the settled paint. Since I was collecting quite a bit of sediment, at this point I dumped out the clear paint thinner so I could scrape out the sediment.

Yes, it’s really gross. Lol. This is slightly stirred so you can see that it’s soft and mushy and easy to get out. Once it’s all cleaned out, I put the clean paint thinner back in and it’s like starting out fresh again! I only do this when the sediment gets too close to the screen. Which is quite awhile. Many paintings!

And now you can see the screen in the bottom. It’s about an inch from the bottom of the jar. So there, you learned something new today! :)

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