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One of those days

Some days just go difficult from the get-go. 🤦🏼‍♀️ In the process of trying to hang new lights and more strings to hang ornaments from, I managed to drop another ornament, rendering it pretty useless now. Lol. It’s always a little heartbreaking to hear that distinct shatter of ornament glass against a hard surface. I did manage to double the number of strings without any more casualties. The strings are a delicate and challenging job as I have to reach between existing strings to tie new ones and they have to be hung at a length where they won’t clink into another ornament. Which means the ornaments have to stay hanging as I’m putting up new strings. It’s a stressful job to be sure! But I managed to double what I had, so I’m pleased with the results. It took about half my day. My mornings are typically spent packaging orders. Ornaments are packaged in a fancy, embossed, white box filled with super, silky fiber-fill, tied with a ribbon, then put into a brown shipping box with padding. In 10 years, I have never had an ornament break during shipping! I think I have it down pretty good! Acorns are packaged in little, brown Kraft boxes and put into purple bubble mailers. Everything I ship has its own, unique packaging, which requires a lot of inventory and storage space! I have a closet next to my studio that holds most of my shipping inventory. It’s beginning to overflow however. Lol. There’s always bubble wrap sitting around somewhere.

Hope you are all heading into a wonderful weekend!

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