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Let the Adventures Begin!

We have decided this year, with the decline in Covid pandemic insanity, Randy's improved health and freedom to travel again, that we are going to spend at least one day a week going out on an adventure. Find some new parks, new trails, new places to see. (We also get into state parks for free during the week because Randy is retired!) I am excited! We went out this week to Chenango Forks State Park and just loved it! We walked around 2 small lakes for a total of 4 miles. Just a nice, leisurely pace. It was so wonderfully quiet and peaceful with very few people during the week. The weather could not have been more perfect! It was about 72 degrees and sunny with just a hint of a breeze. There were no bugs, or maybe our bug spray was actually working! haha! We took a break between the lakes to eat a picnic lunch in the beautiful stone pavilion. I have always been in love with that kind of architecture in the state parks. I was especially impressed with the stone heart and flower that someone embedded into the stonework somewhere along the way. The bathrooms were especially clean too!! We saw the beautiful and always elusive Baltimore orioles flitting about in the pines. I could not snag a decent picture however. We heard the big giant bullfrogs calling back and forth to each other, telling wonderful stories, I'm sure. Also discovered a new flower that I had not seen before! They turned out to be gaywings. We also saw great, big, giant carp along the water's edge, flopping and flailing all over in their attempts to catch bugs. What a ruckus they caused! It was such fun to watch them, though.

It really was just so nice to get out and have a day together with no worries for awhile. Just enjoy God's amazing creation around us. We made a day of it, drove on some back roads, ate a great big banana split for supper and came home feeling refreshed. Now I'm itchy to go back out again. lol. Once a week might not be enough after a whole year of no road trips! Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

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