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It’s a different world

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Tonight the family is sitting here in the living room watching our highschool wrestling team, streamed on the TV because we can’t go to the matches this year. It was a miracle we even got a wrestling season, short as it is. Luke has yet to wrestle, hopefully Saturday. He never stopped working out and improving himself this entire last year that sports were on hold. He is the most dedicated person I know. 💜 We have missed all the beautiful concerts as well. I listen to my kids trying to record their songs, instruments and singing, and it’s just not the same. I can’t fathom how 25,000 people can go to the super bowl, but we can’t listen to our beautiful children perform in a concert or play a sport. It’s a different world. A very out of balance one now. 😢

Randy had a check-up yesterday. He’s at the end of the 6 week recovery and his bloodwork was all good! Full scans again in 6 weeks. How does that come up so fast?? We’ve had a quiet, peaceful recovery period. It helped that it was winter. Less inclined to go out and over-do it! We have the most wonderful neighbors who have been keeping our driveway clear of snow. And we’ve been getting our share of it lately! I just can’t say how much of a blessing they have been to us. 💜

It’s really been very quiet and I don’t have much else to report. 🥰 I guess that’s a good thing! Sharing another of my countless pictures of Randy and Daisy keeping each other warm.

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