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Is it Christmas, yet??

Tomorrow we spend the day with the oncologist getting some ideas of other forms of torture for Randy to suffer through. Haha. It’s just a visit to see what options there are. Mostly for the tumor in his lung, because that’s coming up soon, and surgery may or may not be the better option. I’m a little bummed to have to spend most of a day with the doctor so close to Christmas, but what can we do? The kids will all be here when we get home, so I’m super excited for that!! Elizabeth is making supper, so I don’t even have to think about it! Even better!

Everyone here is very excited for Christmas this year. The kids all had income this year and were able to spend quite a bit on gifts, so they are super excited about it. The tree is overflowing. It should be fun! We will be celebrating on Christmas Eve this year, so tomorrow will be our Christmas Eve. It will be so wonderful to have us all here for a whole day together. 💜 It happens so rarely these days.

Tonight I am feeling relaxed and rested for the first time in ages. My work is done. The house is ready, the baking is finished, the presents are wrapped, my shop is closed. I spent some time painting my nails all up fancy for Christmas! A true sign that I’m ready. Lol. I never take time to do that. 🎄❤️💚

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