How These Times do Try Us!

These are certainly crazy times, aren't they? The whole world on lock-down because of a semi-deadly virus! I don't think any of us ever thought we'd live to see something like this. I'm a positive person, so I tend to see the good in most situations. While most people are out there lamenting being cooped up and not having work, I am right in my glory here! I am naturally an introvert, so being mandated to stay home and away from people, all the while being able to paint and create, is a little slice of heaven for me! I couldn't be happier! The reality, however, my sales have dropped to nothing because people are being cautious and not spending right now. Therein lies the mixed blessing. Since I don't need to do a lot of inventory stocking right now, I'm working on some other much needed projects.

I set my husband up right away to get the new floor put down in my shop. (He's very handy that way!) My kids and I cleared the whole room, which was quite an undertaking in itself, with all my supplies! 4 days later, I have a brand new floor, all smooth and stable, and so much brighter! It's very exciting, indeed! While we really couldn't level it with the old house being so out of wack, it really helped stabilize the floor so it doesn't shake every time someone walks across it. It was quite an inconvenience when I'm painting tiny dots on a mandala, as you can imagine!

My next project was to really get to work on my new online shop! Etsy, my previous/current shop has been gradually raising their prices and fees. Starting April 1st, they are charging mandatory advertising fees. I paid out $1,000 last year and decided enough is enough! So I'm working hard to get a new shop up and running. My platform is now Ecwid and they work directly with my website and link a Facebook shop and Instagram shop to it. I bet you didn't know that Instagram is the number 1 market for people shopping and comparing prices! I sure didn't! It has really been a lot of research and learning! It's good for my mind to be continually challenged, but I really dislike this end of my job. Computer work is not designed for creative people! So now I am spending endless hours, going through all my photos, listing them in my new shop with SKU numbers and organizing all my files with matching SKU numbers. It's a monumental task with thousands of photos to sort through! In the end, it will save loads of time since everything will be so organized and time won't be wasted searching through files of photos looking for that one particular picture! It will also make it easier to track sales, what colors are most popular, what doesn't sell. All good business management.

You can check out my progress by looking at the Online Shop page right here on my website. There is Free Shipping on everything! Everything listed is available to sell right away.

I have learned so very much on this 3 year journey of seriously running my own business! It's continually changing and evolving and improving. It has always been my dream to have an art studio, but dreams don't come without hard work. There's always work involved, but 75% of the time, it's me, living my dream. Creating, painting, sharing, and best of all, having a few weeks of mandatory hermit lifestyle!!! :)

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