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Finally Fall

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Where did the summer go?? Time sure does fly, doesn't it?? It was really a fabulous summer, despite the crazy heat and never-ending rain! I'm so excited for the cooler temperatures now! We actually were able to take a family vacation with all the kids, down to Tennessee and meet up with Randy's daughter and family. We had such a relaxing time, enjoying the outdoors, hiking mountain trails, floating around a lake, sitting by the river's edge outside our cabin. It was just what the doctor ordered to recharge our batteries! So many fun memories! We had a lot of down time this summer, just hanging out with the kids, enjoying Randy's kids and grandkids, especially a certain little baby girl. Luke spent a lot of time at Driver's Ed, had a few wrestling tournaments, including a national one in the 1,000 Islands that we all got to go to. He did great! He also found himself a girlfriend and we have loved having her around. She fits right into the family! He also started football this school season. Elizabeth turned 16 and started driving, dyed her hair red and made a gorgeous birthday cake. Her baking business is booming as well! Ruthie continues to ride her horse and does races. Also started Volleyball this summer and is really enjoying the challenge! Anna keeps continually busy with her job, boyfriend, kitten and dog.

We had a bumper crop of raspberries this summer! The bushes were loaded with giant berries and we picked about 150 quarts of them! Lots of jelly and ice-cream!

We had a much anticipated visit from my best friend, Rick, back in high school days. He made it down from Alaska and got to meet the kids and we showed him around the area since it's been awhile. He's off to start a new life in Poland, so I have no idea when we will meet up again!

Randy has had a couple rounds of testing and they keep coming back normal. For that we are soooo grateful! Next round is coming up next month. 8 good months, cancer free, so far this year! Randy has done a couple small jobs to fund his new fishing hobby. He can be found just about anywhere along the lakes, dropping his line, just a little too short of catching any fish. lol. We've had one meal in about 4 months of fishing morning and night. lol

My glaucoma drops are doing their job and keeping the eye pressure down as far as we know. I have a check-up in November to confirm it. I'm getting used to the drops, but also discovered that they seem to go bad after the allotted month you are supposed to use them up. Burning, itching eyedrops were not enjoyable in the least!

I have been super busy in my studio, getting ahead on the seasonal items. I've painted over 1,000 acorns in the last month and I'm still painting. I've painted 100 Christmas ornaments to get started and have a long ways to go there. I've really been enjoying the work the last couple of months. I think because I'm staying ahead and not feeling so pressured to keep up! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to keep up with what's new!

School is back in full swing for the kids and of course we started right out with all 3 of them being quarantined at different times. That has been beyond frustrating, as the school did not make plans to accommodate virtual learning for quarantined kids this year. It has put so much more stress on the kids this year and I'm praying we settle into a good routine soon.

So that's the summer in a nutshell! It's hard to keep up with everything, sometimes, and this is one of the first to be let go. This just gives you a quick update on things and I'll try to write more regular again. Fall is my favorite time of year and our birthdays are coming right up! Hoping for a little mini vacation to Vermont in October. :) Stay tuned!

Enjoy a few summer pictures! :)

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