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Changes are coming

Well I’m sure you’ve noticed all the changes by now! I’m really overhauling my online presence to make improvements to my business. It’s constantly changing and I have to stay on top of it to make sure it’s helping and generating income. It’s honestly no small feat to run your own business! So Facebook and Instagram have been nothing but stress for quite some time. I pay for advertising on a monthly basis, but despite that and having 8,000 followers, my posts barely reach 100 people. It’s not generating any income according to all the statistics on my website and Etsy. As a result, I’m phasing out of both Facebook and Instagram. I will be posting regular updates here on my blog, so you can keep up with my studio! The bulk of my business and following comes from Pinterest believe it or not! So that’s really where I’m going to be focusing my attention. Etsy and Pinterest with regular blog posts. I have also closed my online store here on my website. Sadly, it just hasn’t generated enough income to make it worth keeping. I can’t compete with Etsy, when I’m getting 3-5,000 people a day looking at my work. It’s also a HUGE headache to keep 2 online stores active along with my gift shop. It’s really a nightmare to keep track of all three! Now I have the daunting task of stocking my Etsy store with everything that was on my website and also sharing it on Pinterest. A couple fun figures, traffic to Etsy mostly comes from Etsy itself, but the second biggest source is Pinterest with 8,500 people this year. Facebook only generated 250 people this year! It’s all a juggling act and I’m constantly watching it all. All that to say, I’m hoping this will make my life easier and eventually lead to better income. I’m still a long ways from being able to live off my art studio. Lol. The saying “starving artist” definitely applies to me. 😂

On a different note, I’ve added several new mandala ornaments to my shop, so be sure to check them out! They are definitely works of art!

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