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A New Porch

It's hard to believe we have lived with that old, nasty porch for 6.5 years. UGH! I hated coming in there every day. It was so dark and dreary and dirty looking. No amount of cleaning ever really made it look clean. It was in such stark contrast to the rest of the house. Not sure what the previous owners were thinking? It was just functional I guess. We actually took out the old green carpet when we first moved in. And one of the walls was some kind of cardboard type covering for the cats to scratch all over. We shifted some paneling to at least cover that up too! I am so incredibly excited about the new porch, though! I showed Randy some pictures of what I was wanting and he starting drawing and building. It was definitely a challenging build because the porch is crooked in so many directions, you can't even imagine! We had to forego new windows because of the insane cost and inflation of building supplies right now. But he was able to fix up the old ones just fine. The best part is the built in benches. I wanted that the most, to make it very usable and functional. And hooks! We have so many wonderful hooks! I'm a hook person. lol. You just can't have too many of them. Now we have room for guests and family! I even made some custom hook covers to hold my collection of summer hats. The floor is wonderful to keep clean and is waterproof which will be fantastic come winter. All in all, it has been one of the best additions to this house and Randy really outdid himself on this project. It rates right up there with the new bathroom. :)

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Jon King
Jon King
May 28, 2021

That's a beautiful job! 😁

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