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A month of birthdays

October is definitely the best month of the year! I love fall! And Randy and I both share birthdays this month, along with his sister, my dad and several friends! It’s great! And once in awhile Bethie still lets me make a cake. 😂 So today I spent the day in the kitchen cooking and baking for Randy’s birthday. It always seems like so much work for 20 minutes of eating. Lol. However, I know it is appreciated. And the cake was totally worth it, even if it did stain all of our mouths and lips blue. 🤣🤣

Randy got a clean bill of health this month, so it looks like we will make it to another Christmas! That’s really exciting, since we really had no idea how the year was going to go. He has been working a little bit for about a month or so. He also picked up a hobby and goes fishing morning and night. I don’t always understand it, but it makes him happy I guess. He’s caught 2 fish to eat in about 4 months of fishing 🤣 No way would I be that motivated to keep fishing. I like to see results!!! 😂

So thank you for your prayers. They are working!

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