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A cheerful heart is good medicine

Today’s post is from Randy. Enjoy. He is a great story teller and we love listening to his childhood pranks. ❤️💚

Most of my fondest childhood memories were formed near the water. Even the sunsets are more brilliant because the water reflects the rays of the sun back into the evening sky. I grew up in Minnesota on lake Waconia where my brother and I spent our summer's playing in and on the water. We had lots of boats growing up, big ones, small ones, some fast and some slow. My dad had even given Ted and I our own little red, wooden row boat. As winter approached, our dad told us to get the little red boat out of the water before the lake froze over. And of course like kids do, or in this case don't do, we forgot about the little red boat and there it sat frozen in the lake all winter. Oh he was so mad. Every morning He would look out at that little red boat stuck in the ice from the breakfast table and remind us boys how we had neglected it and that it would be crushed by the ice come spring when the ice begins to move like a glacier. To make a short story long, Winters can be long and hard in Minnesota, so we had plenty of time to lament. Needless to say, as soon as the ice began to thaw, Teddy and I were out there trying to get the little red boat out of the lake. We pushed and pulled until it finally broke loose. Low and behold the treasure we found under that frozen boat was awesome! Hundreds of frogs, and I'm talking hundreds, had hibernated under the little red boat. We were going to be rich! Fisherman would buy them for 10 cents a piece! Teddy and I ran for buckets, boxes, even the laundry basket was full of frog's.   We promptly placed it in the storage room in our basement. Keep in mind that the frogs were still in hibernation, so they were not jumping around, Yet!!!  Dinner time, homework, baths and bed time came and neither of us were thinking about frogs as we drifted off to sleep. Well up until the whole house erupted with my sister Wendy screaming, dogs barking and my mom yelling for us boy's. Yep!!! The frogs had come out of hibernation in the warmth of the basement. They covered the basement floor like the plague and were jumping up the steps, as my sister found when she went to go down to her room. Mind you her room was adjacent to the storage room in the basement, the first place in the frogs journey after waking up after a long winters nap! There was frogs everywhere! In and on everything. Some had even made their way into the living room up stairs, much to the delight of the dogs who were barking like crazy and chasing them under the couch. While it wasn't too funny at the time, this story tops the all time funniest events of my life. I hope you have a good laugh and share some of your favorite moment's with family and friends this season. The world needs a good laugh, so be of good cheer this season!I let it truly be A Merry Christmas

"A cheerful heart is good medicine " Proverbs 17:22

My Hope and my Joy are found in God above, so now in the evening of my life I pray that my life and my testimony reflects His glory in radiant splendor, like the sunsets by the water.  That it will bring you Joy and maybe even a good laugh or two.

Be blessed this season.

Randy Wilcox

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3 comentarios

I can attest to Christy being a good kid!

Me gusta

Christy Wilcox
Christy Wilcox
14 dic 2020

We have been trying to share more stories with my kids, so they have some memories of our past as well! Randy has some great, funny stories! He was a trouble maker. I was a good kid. 😂😂

Me gusta

Wonderful story! I miss being with my sibs during the Dec holidays and this why. Childhood stories are so wonderful. Hugs to you and thanks for sharing this fun story!!

Me gusta
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