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Home never looked so good. All I can say is, Praise the Lord. 💜 Thank you for all the fast and earnest prayers. In just 2 hours they ran every kind of test and found nothing wrong. No fluid. No blood clots. Just a hint of possible bronchitis. Nothing they need to treat. So we just keep an eye on him. They don’t know what’s causing the shortness of breath, so they aren’t treating him in any way. For now, it’s nothing major. I can’t tell you the gamut of emotions I went through in the last 4 hours. Thinking he wouldn’t be home for Christmas and how much we would miss him this week. So worried that surgery would be early. My brain goes right to worst case scenarios. 😞 The doctors and nurses were amazing. All with smiles and encouragement. I felt so much better just knowing they were taking care of him. And now, I can sleep peacefully knowing we get a little more time. We can still enjoy this Christmas together. ❤️🎄💚

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