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Daisy and Gypsy are my two, very entertaining kitties, as you can see in the photos! They always keep me company in my studio. They make me laugh and smile every day with their silly antics! Daisy will be 5 years old in April and is full of attitude, always putting Gypsy in her place. She sleeps most of the time! Gypsy will be 3 years old in April. She just loves to play with everything! She is my  buddy and has to be everywhere I am. She has her own chair right next to mine in the Studio.

Here you will find my series of clay sculptures, featuring Daisy and Gypsy all dolled up for various holidays and seasons. They are each one of a kind and numbered, available only here in my Shop or in my Art Studio. Click below on any photo to view more photos and/or to purchase.

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